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Design Services

Graphic design and illustration rates:

Clients are always welcome to supply their own press ready artwork. Neolith graphics and it's subsidiaries are not responsible for the viability of client supplied art files/coding. Neolith Graphics will not provide refunds on produced materials/web based applications that fail to yield clients expected results upon completions.

  • Design (Graphic/Layout): $125.00 per hour (ask about our flat rates) 
  • Other graphics, illustrations, digital retouching, repurposement, file building, typesetting, etc.: $65.00 per hour 
  • Consultation: $100.00 per hour, paid in advance.
  • Logo Design: Bills out in two different ways; If we own it, it bills hourly. If you own it, it bills out according to the pricing guidelines set forth by the Graphic Artists Guild of America.**NOTICE

An Example of Flat Rate Charges*:

  • Business Card: $35.00 Does not include SF/X (Spot UV, Embossing, Die Cuts, Etc).
  • Banners: $45.00
  • Letterhead: $35.00 per layout 
  • Standard No.10 Envelope: $15.00
  • Brochure (tri-fold): $75.00 - $150.00 (stock photography licensing not included)
  • Booklet/Instruction Manual (5.5"x 8.5"): $35.00 per page (does not include: high end illustrations, graphs, clip art, ad design, stock photography, or magazine quality layouts).

*Costs based on usable client supplied artwork (logo, photos, etc). All prices are subject to increased costs for excessive changes made by clients. Costs are calculated/determined by the nature of the changes made (i.e. complete layout changes will bill out at our design rate).